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The motor touring club for the Nijmegen region of The Netherlands MC Keizer Karel is a regional club with round 120 members.
Since the club was set up in Nijmegen (27th of March 1955),we have become a regional club with members from Gelderland, the eastern half of Noord Brabant and Noord Limburg.
Our membership includes names from other regions and provinces, but about a half of our members live in or near Nijmegen.
We have never aspired to having our own clubhouse, instead we have an excellent relationship with the cafe "De Markies" in Alverna (Wijchen),
only a few minutes outside of Nijmegen. Each second Wednesday of the month we meet at De Markies for a CLUB - EVENING,
most of which are organized round a theme and speakers on subjects that are of interest to motortourers.
The club is run by a Management Committee ( Het bestuur) consisting of five elected members together with a Tour Committee,
consisting of the Management Committee and about 11 other enthusiastic members who together organize the tours,
special weekends and other club events.

  The club program in summary is:
10 tours, generally on a Sunday, including participation in several tours organized by other clubs in The Netherlands.
2 special long-weekend tours, a trip abroad, lasting a week, during the week of Ascension day.
A number of special events including a nighttime "dropping" and a trial motor competition.

  Are you interested in becoming a member of MC Keizer Karel or learning more about us?
Why not come along to "De Markies" on one of our club evenings.
The address is Graafseweg 600 in Alverna (Wijchen).
As the name implies it on the road between Nijmegen and Grave.
We are there from around 20:00 hours.

We would also like to hear from new and old friends elsewhere in Europe or further a field who might have information about friendly campsites,
hotels, ideas for interesting tours, meetings of other clubs within a 500 km. range of Nijmegen, etc.

Please mail to our secretary

De Markies

De Markies       Graafseweg 600 in Alverna (Wijchen)